Rectangular UN3H Plastic Tight Head Shipping Containers

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One of the most popular heavy duty containers we sell is our rectangular UN3H plastic tight head shipping container also referred to as a Delex or Nampac container. We stock this container is black, natural and blue.  The Delex is blow molded and has an integrated handle which provides superior handling strength and durability.  The rectangular shape is great when storage space is an issue.  The interlocking design, shown in one of the pictures below, allows for stack strength and stability.  We supply this container with a 2″ Brandt buttress plug with an EPDM gasket.  The Delex has a UN rating of UN3H1/Y1.9/150 or UN3H1/Y1.4/100 when vented making it suitable for hazardous product in the Packing Group II or III categories.  The buttress plug has a 3/4″ reducer in the center of the cap.  This reducer can be knocked out and a 3/4″ Florite faucet can be threaded into the cap.  We also sell a 2″ x 3/4″ combo wrench that can be used to open and close the buttress plug.


Nampac Delex Containers Available in Three Colors

Combo Wrench

This image shows the 2″ plug wrench side of our drum plug / drum bung wrench. This is a heavy duty wrench with a long handle to give you plenty of leverage on stubborn or tightly torqued drum plugs. The opposite side (the part of the wrench resting on the table) has a 3/4″ fitting for 3/4″ drum plugs.

Florite Faucet









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