Glass Refrigerator Jars

Today we had a phone call asking for refrigerator jars.  When our customer service representatives answer calls from customers located around the country, they find that different people use very different terms when referring to the same item.  As an example, some people refer to plastic pails as plastic buckets.  Others refer to drums as barrels.

As mentioned above, one term that we have heard recently is “refrigerator jars”.  The jar that the customer was referring to is our 8 oz straight sided round 70mm glass jar.  This jar, and in fact, most straight sided jars, are used in several applications:

  • condiments
  • jelly jars
  • spice jars
  • food preservation jars
  • favors
  • candles
  • storage jars

Consider our 8 oz jar paired with a gold metal plastisol cap (shown below and sold separately) for an attractive presentation.


Complete List of Straight Sided Jars

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For a complete list of metal and plastic caps, please click here.




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