Ro-Con® Square/Rectangular Transport Fibre Drum

Our 12 gallon fibre drum is a square/rectangular transport fibre drum suitable for shipment of dry and solid materials.  This Ro-Con drum features the following:

  • rounded corners
  • convex sides
  • sturdy single wall construction
  • telescoping cover
  • offset tape closure

This drum was specifically designed to maximize space both in storage and in transit.  It was designed to keep shipping costs low in truckload and containerized van applications.  It has a UN certification of UN1G/X55/S making it suitable for shipping hazardous solids in the Packing Group I, II and III categories.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please call for a sample for testing with your product.

12 Gallon Ro-Con® Fibre Drum




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Author: Gail

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