Shipping Box for 3.5 Plastic Buckets & Steel Pails

We do business with a great deal of small customers who may not want to incur the expense of having custom boxes produced or printed.  For that reason, we stock a selection of boxes that, while not designed to fit a specific item, fit our containers relatively well.  Our VCI48356 is such a box.  It fits either our 3.5 gallon plastic buckets or our 3.5 gallon steel pails.  The specifics of this box are as follows:

  • 12 x 12 x 12
  • 275 lb Bursting Test Board – measure of the force required to puncture the face of the corrugated board
  • Regular Slotted Container – RSC – the most common style of box
  • White
  • C Flute – the number of flutes per linear foot – C flute is 39 +/-3 flutes per linear foot or 5/32 thickness (in.)

Whether you need a small quantity of boxes or a large quantity, we can help.  We can even have custom boxes designed for your product if that is what you require.  There may be minimum quantities for a custom box, however, please feel free to call us for a quote.  On our stock boxes, our low $250 minimum allows you to order a smaller quantity and we don’t require you order $250 of just boxes.  The low $250 minimum refers to the total order (exclusive of shipping and packing charges)


 3.5 Gallon Pail and Bucket Box



Need a box to ship 2 gallon pails or buckets?  Consider VCI28266 our 2 gallon pail box.

How about a box to ship 5 gallon pails or buckets?  Try VCI48358 our 5 gallon pail box.





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