Shrink Bands for Bottles

Shrink bands, or cellulose bands, are made from regenerated cellulose.  The cellulose is obtained from the natural wood-pulp of softwood trees.  The material is non-toxic and it is also recyclable and biodegradable.  Another benefit of these bands is in their ease of use.  The seals will be sent to you in a special solution.  They will be wet when you apply them to your bottles or jars.  The application process is done by hand – no special tools or machinery needed.  If allowed to dry naturally, the seals will shrink to the shape of the container.  The shrinking usually starts in 10-15 minutes.  By one hour, most seals will shrink to their final dimensions on the bottle.  Drying time, of course, depends upon air temperature, humidity, etc.  We carry these bands in white and transparent (not all sizes come in both colors).  We stock them from 23mm to 116mm.  A full list can be found below.







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Author: Gail

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