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If you are looking for a spray bottle, perhaps we can be of assistance.  We stock 3 sprayers that can be used on several different bottles providing the bottle opening matches the sprayer size.  We carry a 28400 trigger sprayer, Yankee Item # EJM-HT21642  .  This trigger sprayer has a dip tube that is 9.25″ long.  It can be cut to fit smaller bottles.  It is the sprayer displayed in the large picture to the right.  The bottle in the picture is our white carafe with a 28410 opening – Item # HSPICFQT-W410-AN.  For smaller bottles we carry a 24410 sprayer, Yankee Item # EMFM24410788W.  This is a finger tip pump that is white with a clear hood.  It is a fine mist sprayer with a 7 7/8″ dip tube and would be best used on bottles 16 oz or smaller.   Lastly, we stock a 20410 white fine mist sprayer with a dip tube that is 3.63″.  It is Yankee Item # SPK-L19-2OZ.  This is best used on small bottles that are in the 1 to 2 oz range.  You can always cut a dip tube if it is too long for the bottle you need, however, please be sure that it is not too short for the bottle.  The dimensions of our bottles are listed on our internet site and, as always, you can request a sample of the bottle and sprayer you are interested in to be sure it meets your requirements.





20410 Fine Mist Sprayer and Bottles


24410 Finger Pump Sprayer and Bottles



28400 Trigger Sprayer and Bottles


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