Square Milk Jugs

We stock square, or rectangular, jugs in both 4/pack reshipper boxes and bulk packs.  Being made of natural high density polyethylene (HDPE), these jugs are very sturdy.  They are commonly used as industrial jugs, however we have had some customers refer to them as milk jugs.  The two jugs listed below are not UN rated and cannot be used for hazardous product.  Common uses of these jugs are for detergents, bleach, shampoos and conditioners.  Some advantages of our square jugs are:


  • durability of HDPE
  • convenience of a handle
  • takes up less space than round jugs when transporting or shipping
  • ease of pouring
  • natural HDPE is translucent allowing you to see the level of liquid in the jug
  • food grade
  • economical
  • impact resistant





Check the list below for our selection of plastic or metal caps to fit your jugs.  We stock a black plastic cap with a foil liner and a black plastic cap with a phenolic cone.  We stock white plastic caps with foam liners, pressure sensitive liners and a saf-cap (child resistant).  We stock a white metal cap with a plastisol liner and a white metal cap with a pulp and poly liner.









Square Plastic Jugs In Bulk Pack

Square Plastic Jugs In Bulk Pack















Plastic Caps




Metal Caps










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