Squeeze Bottles

Are you looking for a squeeze bottle or dispensing bottle?  When customers ask for squeeze bottles, they are most likely asking for low density polyethylene (LDPE).  These bottles are lightweight, stress crack resistant, less rigid than high density polyethylene and are great for squeeze applications. Low density polyethylene is used in shrink wrap, dry cleaner garment bags, plastic bread bags and even the plastic bags commonly found in grocery stores.  We sell a 1/2 oz boston round bottle, a 4 oz boston round bottle and an 8 oz boston round bottle made with low density polyethylene.  Pair them with a polytop cap or a spouted cap (sold separately) to dispense your product easily.  We even have churches that use these bottles (especially the 1/2 oz size) with a solid cap to distribute holy water.  As always, the end user is responsible for testing product compatibility.  We would be happy to send a sample at your request.


 Polytop Caps


 Spouted Caps








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