Steel Pail/Bucket with Rieke Opening

We offer tight head (cover not removable) steel pails with a rieke opening in sizes ranging from 1.5 gallons to 7 gallons. We sell several different 5 gallon steel buckets both lined and unlined with a rieke opening. The pail shown below is a gray 3.5 gallon tight head (item# CSCP2-19-01) round steel pail. This bucket has a red phenolic lining and is 24 gauge. The UN rating is UN1A1/X1.4/280. The outside height is 10 1/8 inches. The interior dimensions are L: 11 1/4 inches inside diameter, H: 9 1/8 inches inside height.  As with all of our steel pails with a rieke opening, the cover comes with a dust cap. The rieke flexspout ( item# RKCFS10-10-231) is sold separately and has to be crimped onto the bucket with a special flexspout crimping tool (which can be purchased as well).


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