Steel Pails with Plastic Insert

Steel pails can be lined or unlined.  The linings in most steel pails are sprayed on and can be, as an example, phenolic or epoxy-phenolic.    But what if your product cannot be in an unlined container and also might not be compatible with a sprayed on lining?  We stock a 5 gallon black steel pail with a plastic liner or bladder.  These liners are produced separately from the pail and then hand assembled.  This pail is Yankee Item # CSCP2-11-01 and is a tighthead steel pail with a UN Rating of UN6HA1/Y1.8/100 which makes it suitable for Packing Group II and III liquids.  The pail comes with a dust cap on it.  The dust cap is removed and you fill the pail with your liquid.  You then apply a Rieke Flexspout using a special tool.  The rim of the plastic liner comes up partially over the steel opening in the pail.  When you clamp on the Flexspout, it seals the liner to the pail as well as sealing the spout to the pail.  There is a small hole in the side of the steel pail which allows any air between the liner and pail to be forced out as the pail is filled.  You can then dispense your product as needed.  Once you seal the Flexspout to the pail however, you cannot add any further liquid to the pail as to open it would destroy it.



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