Storing Hot Oil

Yankee Containers frequently receives inquiries from customers needing to store hot oil, approximately 250 degrees F,  removed from fryers. We recommend one of our two unlined 5 gallon tight head (cover not removable) steel pails. Pricing on both pails will be listed at the end of this article. The pail featured in the picture is our item # SPC0005CS2U13.  It is a black unlined steel bucket with a 2 1/8″ inch screw cap.  Inner seals are included but packed separately.  This pail has a push pull spout which can be lifted up.  A funnel can then be placed in the opening for ease of pouring. Using the push pull spout makes the pail easier to empty.

The other unlined steel pail that we offer is our item # SPC0005CS4U006. The top of this blue steel bucket has 2″ and 3/4″ pipe thread steel plugs.

If you intend to re-use the oil, we recommend our item #SPC0005CS4L002.  This dark blue steel pail has two coats of red phenolic lining.  This is an FDA compliant pail and can take hot product up to 350 degrees F, unlike the unlined pails above that have a max hot fill temperature of 250 degree F.  It has one 2″ steel plug and one 3/4″ pipe thread steel plug.

We sell a combo wrench (sold separately) to open and close the bung on these tight head pails.

2 x .75 Combo Wrench


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