Tanning Booth Solution Drums

carboys, jerricans, 5 gallon drum, tighthead pails.

Our 5 gallon tanning booth solution drums come in blue, black and natural.  Please be aware that the blue and the natural are food grade, the black is not food grade.  This drum is appropriate for both hazardous and non hazardous products with it’s UN rating of UN3H1/Y1.4/100.  It is a great solution to small volume packaging requirements.  It is made from a single piece construction, with an integral handle. which provides handling strength and stability.  Use this drum to store and ship your airbrush tanning booth solutions.


  • Standard NPS threaded closure
  • Rectangular shape
  • Interlocking top and bottom
  • Blow molded
  • 2″ buttress plug with a 3/4″ NPS (National Pipe Standard reducer)

The rectangular shape minimizes storage space and the interlocking top and bottom design delivers stack strength and stability.

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