Tea Storage Container

10 lb can, metal can, slip cover tin, metal can with slide on cover

When storing tea, it is essential to keep the tea away from sunlight, heat, air, moisture and odors. In order to safely store your tea, we offer a line of slipcover tin cans.  They are sometimes referred to as ink cans.  They are often used as a tea storage container.  Our 10 pound slipcover can is a common choice for a tea tin.  It is our item # ASC10LB080 and is pictured on the right.  They come in cases of 45. The exterior dimensions are as follows:  W: 7 8/16 inches  H: 6 2/16 inches. A full list including pricing of all of our available slip cover cans follows the picture gallery below.


Slipcover Tins  (Lids Included)















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