Teartab Covers (Lids) for Plastic Pails

Our teartab 40Ct covers fit all of our heavy duty plastic pails from 3.5 gallon to 6.5 gallon, with the exception of our UN Liquid pail and our Twist & Lock pail.  Those covers can be found here.  The benefits of these sturdy high density polyethylene covers are:

  • FDA Approved (with the exception of the black covers)
  • Tamper Evident
  • Tubular EPDM Gasket
  • UN Compliant (when used with the correct pail)

The tear strip on the cover must be torn off before the cover can be taken off the pail.  The tear strip prevents the lugs from lifting.  Lifting the lugs is required to disengage them from around the lip of the pail. Once the strip is removed, the slots between each lug make it possible to ease them upward releasing them from the pail.  We stock both solid lids and lids with Rieke spouts.


For information on a tool to remove the covers please click here.








 Tool for Removing Covers

Solid Covers

Spouted Covers





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