Tight Head Steel Pail with Plug

In prior articles we have discussed tight head or closed head steel pails with a spout that must be crimped on, also called a Rieke spout.  (You can see this article for more information on Rieke spouts)  In this article, we will discuss a tight head pail or drum with a plug.  Perhaps you only have a few pails to fill, or perhaps you simply don’t need a spout on your pail.  In that case, we stock a 5 gallon black steel pail with a 2″ Rieke Titegrip Steel Plug with a white EPT (Ethylene Propylene Tri Polymer) Gasket.  This pail has a UN Rating of UN1A1/Y1.8/250 which makes it suitable for both Packing Groups II & III.  It is a lined pail, with a 1 coat epoxy/phenolic lining.  This pail is a 24 gauge pail.  The dimensions are:

  • Outside height – 13 11/16″
  • Inside height – 12 11/16
  • Diameter 11 1/4″





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Author: Gail

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