Paint Cans

We stock a large selection of tin or metal cans.  For this article, we will divide them into three groups.

  • Paint Cans – Lined and Unlined
  • Slipcover Tins
  • F Cans


As always, the end user is responsible for ensuring his/her product is compatible with the cans. Samples can be sent for testing at your request.

Paint Cans

We stock paint cans in sizes from 1/4 pint to 5 quart (Imperial Gallon) sizes.  We provide the option of buying these cans unlined or lined.  The lining in our grey lined cans is pigmented epoxy phenolic which would be good for latex paints.  The lining in our gold cans is a non pigmented epoxy phenolic which would be good with mild chemicals.  We carry cans with bails (handles) and cans with no handles.  In many cases, lids are sold separately.




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Slipcover Tins


Slipcover tins, ink cans, canister cans, tea tins are all names for the same can.  Round and canister style with a top that slips on and off, these cans are commonly used for tea, spices, candles, cookies, ink, nuts and snackfood.



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F Style Tins


F style cans or metal f cans are rectangular cans that are commonly used for products such as mineral solvents and turpentine.  We sell the caps and seals for these cans separately.



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