Tin Slip Cover Cans/ Ink Cans

What type of steel is used in the tin slip cover cans? These cans are made of tinplated steel. The tinplating gives the silver appearance, but it is microscopically thin. The metal is about 99.5 % steel. We have been asked if grains can be stored in these cans, and the answer is yes, but we recommend that the customer puts the grain in a bag.

These cans are sometimes referred to as ink cans. They are available in 4 ounce (our item# ASC4OZSC420), 8 ounce ( item# ASC-S09S), 1 pound ( item# ASC01LB240), 2 pound( item# ASC02LB192), 3 pound (item # ASC03LB128), 5 pound (item# ASC05LB096) , 10 pound (item# ASC10LB080), and what we call a large slip cover can (item# ASC7081140). Its exterior dimensions are W: 7 8/16 ” H: 11″. Case counts vary on each of the above.


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Author: Carol

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