Turpentine Cans

We stock turpentine cans in sizes from pint to gallon.  While we refer to these cans as F style cans or tins, they are also commonly referred to as turpentine cans.  These cans have many uses such as paint thinner, motor oil, solvents, lubricants and, of course, turpentine.  In the 1 gallon size, we sell 2 different cans.  The can with the alpha opening is Non-UN, however, the can with the Beta opening does have a UN rating.




Pint F Style Turpentine Can

Quart F Style Turpentine Can

Half Gallon F  Style Turpentine Can

Gallon F  Style Turpentine Cans

Gallon F Style Turpentine Can- 1.75 Alpha Opening

Gallon F  Style Turpentine Can – 1.125 Beta Opening – UN Rated









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Author: Gail

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