UN Plastic Pails with Twist Top Lids

We stock two sizes of UN plastic pails with twist top lids, also called Twist & Lock pails.  We carry a 3.5 gallon size and a 5 gallon size.  The Twist & Lock cover fits either of these pails.  The pictures below show the slots on the top of the pails.  The lids have tabs.  The cover closes by twisting the lid to lock it in place.  The pails open by pushing the tab and twisting the cover.  These pails are UN certified and constructed of high density polyethylene.  Unlike many other plastic pails, these pails have plastic handles rather than wire handles.  This makes the pail especially useful around areas such as swimming pools where the chlorine would ruin a wire handle.  Common uses for this pail are for swimming pool chemicals, chemicals, granules, powders, waste products and recycling.  They are UN rated for solids, however they are made from FDA compliant plastic and can be used for many non-un applications also.  As always, not all products are compatible with all containers and the end user/shipper is responsible for the product being compatible with the packaging.  We would be happy to send samples for testing with your product.



3.5 Gallon Twist & Lock

5 Gallon Twist & Lock

Twist & Lock Lid – Fits Both 3.5 and 5 Gallon Twist & Lock Pails





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