UN Rated Fiber Drums

Our UN rated fiber drums are available in sizes from 1 gallon to 55 gallons.  They are also available in three styles:

  • All Fiber – no metal parts
  • Lok-Rim – fiber drums with steel cover and lever locking ring
  • Weatherpak – fiber drums with plastic cover and lever locking ring

UN rated fiber drums are excellent dry products packages.  Our Lok-Rim drums offer low tare weight and strength against impact.  The unique Lok-Rim closure allows easy opening and closing.  Our All Fiber drums are completely metal free and completely recyclable.  Our 15 gallon Weatherpak drum has a 5 mil PE lining and a plastic cover.  Our 12 gallon Rocon fiber drum has a Packing Group I – X rating.  Although the fiber drums on this page all have a UN designation, they may also be used for non-hazardous product.

Please remember that compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the end user/shipper.


UN Rated Fiber Drums













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