UN Rated Plastic Pail for Hazardous Liquids in Packing Groups II and III

This 5 gallon white plastic pail has a UN rating of UN1H2/Y1.5/30.  An explanation of the rating can be found below:

  • UN  = United Nations
  • 1     = Drum
  • H    = Plastic
  • 2    = Open Head
  • Y    = Approved for Packing Groups II and III
  • 1.5 = Maximum specific gravity the container has been tested to hold
  • 30 = Maximum hydrostatic pressure the container has been tested to hold for 5 minutes

This pail has been approved for hazardous liquids in the Packing Group II and III categories.  This pail is made from high density polyethylene and, therefore, the product being placed in this container must be compatible with HDPE.  Lids are sold separately, and we stock both solid lids and lids with Rieke spouts.  Both styles of lids are gasketed.  Samples are available upon request.  We strongly suggest you obtain a sample for testing with your product as compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the end user/shipper.

5 Gallon UN Liquid Pail

Solid Cover with Gasket

Spouted Cover with Gasket





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