UN1A2 Packaging with Dual UN Designation for both Liquids and Solids

We stock a 55 gallon steel drum with a dual UN designation.  This drum is rated for both solids and liquids.  The solid rating is UN1A2/X422/S and the liquid rating is UN1A2/Y1.5/100.

An article with a complete explanation of these UN designations can be found by clicking here.

It is X (Packing Group I, II or III) rated for solids and Y  (Packing Group II or III) rated for liquids.  Of course, as with all packaging, the UN designation is for hazardous product only.  Non-hazardous product may also be packed in this drum.


55 Gallon Drum with Dual UN Designation



This has been an article on containers by UN rating.


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