UN1A2 Packaging

The steel pails and drums listed in this article all have a UN designation of UN1A2.  As a quick explanation:

  • UN = United Nations
  • 1 = Drum
  • A = Steel
  • 2 = Open Head

Most of these pails and drums have a Y designation (Packing Groups II & III), however our 6.5 gallon pail (drum) has an X designation (Packing Groups I, II or III).

As some of these containers are open head steel pails, specific covers are needed to maintain the validity of the UN designation. Covers are listed below (in a separate section).  Under the description of each pail you will find information as to what cover may be used.  Remember, however, that if your product is not hazardous, you may use any pail.


Y Rated UN1A2 Pails and Drums



X Rated UN1A2 Pails

Steel Pail Covers

Lever Locking Ring to Secure Dish Covers to Pails



This has been an article on containers by UN rating.


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