UN1A2/X50/S Packaging

Our item CSCP2-12-01PGI has a UN designation of UN1A2/X50/S.  This (pail) drum is also referred to as combination packaging, and a Packing Group I drum.  The UN designation is broken down as follows:

  • UN  = United Nations
  • 1      = Drum
  • A     = Steel
  • 2     = Open Head
  • X     = Packing Group I ( also II and III)
  • 50   = Maximum gross mass the container has been tested to hold
  • S     = Solid

This drum consists of two packages that are then assembled as one product.  It can be taken apart and reassembled without ruining the integrity of the package.  The inner plastic insert is made from high density polyethylene and has one 2″ buttress plug.  This inner container has been tested to hold 95 KPA (Kilopascals).  The lid is secured to the pail with a bolt ring, nut and bolt.  This drum (pail) is useful for products that cannot be in an unlined steel pail, or a steel pail with a baked on lining.


This has been an article on containers by UN rating.


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Author: Gail

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