UN1H1 Packaging

Winpaks in Blue and Natural

The containers listed on this page all have a UN designation of UN1H1.  One container is rated UN1H1/X and the remainder of the containers are rated UN1H1/Y.  An explanation of this UN designation follows:

  • UN = United Nations
  • 1     =  Drum
  • H    =  Plastic
  • 1     =  Closed Head (Tight Head)
  • X    =  Packing Groups I, II or III
  • Y    =  Packing Groups II and III
  • Numbers following either the X or Y designation refer to maximum specific gravity the container has been tested to hold for 5 minutes and maximum hydrostatic pressure the container has been tested to hold for 5 minutes.

UN1H1/X Rated

UN1H1/Y Rated

Closure Choices for 5 Gallon Drums









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