UN1H2/Y Packaging – Plastic Drums

We stock both a 30 gallon drum and a 55 gallon drum (barrel) with a UN1H2/Y designation.  The UN = United Nations.  The 1 = Drum.  The H =Plastic.  The 2 = Open Head and the Y = Packing Groups II and III.

The numbers immediately following the Y designation are for the maximum gross mass the container has been tested to handle.  Gross mass is the weight of the drum plus it’s contents that the container has been tested to hold.

The final letter S = solid.  This UN designation is for solids.

The UN designation is for hazardous product.  Any non-hazardous product may be put in these drums without concern for the UN designation.

30 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum




This has been an article on containers by UN rating.


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