UN3H1/Y1.9/150 and UN3H1/Y1.8/100 Packaging

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Many times we get inquiries as to whether or not we have containers with specific UN ratings.  One of the most frequent requests we get is for UN3H1/Y1.9/50.  An explanation of this rating is as follows:

  • UN = United Nations
  • 3     = Jerrican
  • H    = Plastic
  • 1     = Tight Head
  • Y    = Packing Group II (Y) & Packing Group III (Z)
  • 1.9 = Maximum specific gravity the container has been tested to hold for 5 minutes
  • 150=Maximum hydrostatic pressure the container has been tested to hold for 5 minutes

We carry three containers with this UN designation.  We refer to them as Delex containers.  We stock them in blue, natural and black.  Our Delex containers are blow molded.  They have an integral handle.  The closure is a 2″ buttress plug with a 3/4″ NPS (National Pipe Standard) reducer.  Their stackable design and interlocking top and bottom are a great choice for small spaces.

If a faucet is required, we stock a 3/4″ Flo Rite Faucet (sold separately).  Once the 3/4″ reducer is “punched out” of the buttress plug, our 3/4″ faucet can be threaded into the opening.

We also stock UN packaging rated UN3H1/Y1.8/100.  This is a 5 gallon rectangular natural plastic drum.  It has an 28mm vent cap that comes with the container and a 70mm opening.  The 70mm cap must be purchased separately.  The rectangular shape of this container makes it a popular choice where space is limited.  The 70mm cap has a 3/4″ center reducer.  As described above, the reducer can be “punched out” allowing our 3/4″ faucet (sold separately) to be threaded into the opening.

UN3H1/Y1.9/150 – UN Rated Delex Containers

3/4″ Flo Rite Faucet



5 Gallon Rectangular Plastic Drum

Choice of 70mm Caps

3/4″ Flo Rite Faucet













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