UN4G Packaging – 5 Gallon

We stock two UN4G 5 gallon containers.  We stock a 20 Litre (5 Gallon) Kube and a 5 gallon bottle/jug in a box. The 20 Litre Kube has a UN rating of UN4GW/Y30.5/S  The 5 gallon bottle/jug has a UN rating of UN4G/Y31.2/S.

UN4G designation is explained as follows.  UN = United Nations.  4 = Box.  G = Fiberboard

Our 20 Litre Kube is a molded, flexible low density polyethylene insert that is packaged in a box.  It comes with a dust cap and a 38mm white plastic cap.  It comes assembled, with the dust cap already on.  To fill the container, you simply remove the dust cap, fill it with your product and place the 38mm plastic cap on the cubitainer.  Also listed below is our 38mm Quick Serve Spigot (priced separately).

20 Litre Kube

Our 5 gallon bottle/jug in a box has a 70mm cap (included) and an 18mm vent cap (also included).  This bottle/jug has gallon graduation marks.  Please be aware that we sell this same bottle without the box.  It is  NOT  UN rated when sold that way.  In order to be UN rated, it must be packaged in the box.  The 70mm cap included with this bottle has a 3/4″ center reducer.  This allows the option of tapping out the reducer and threading in our 3/4″ Flo Rite Faucet (sold separately).

5 Gallon Bottle/Jug

20 Litre Kube

38mm Quick Serve Spigot


5 Gallon Bottle/Jug with Gallon Graduation Marks

3/4″ Flo Rite Faucet





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