Unlined Steel Pails/Drums

steel pail with lug cover and dish cover and ring.

Our unlined steel pails are available in both closed head (tight head) and open head styles.  We have open head pails in 3.5 gallon, 5 gallon and 6.5 gallon sizes.  In the print notes for each UN rated pail, we have listed the appropriate covers that may be used to keep the UN rating valid.  The covers are listed in a separate category below the pails, as they are sold separately.

We stock three closed head (tight head) pails or drums.  Included in these are the following:

  • Black tight head with a screw cap and a spout
  • Blue tight head with one 2″ and one 3/4″ Rieke Visegrip II steel plug
  • Black tight head with a Rieke opening (Rieke flexspout sold separately)

We also have unlined drums in sizes from 15 gallon to 55 gallon.

Tight Head Steel Pails
Open Head Steel Pails
Steel Covers
Steel Drums


5 Gallon Steel Closed Head (Tight Head) Drum with Screw Cap and Spout

5 Gallon Blue Closed Head (Tight Head) Steel Drum with one 2″ and one 3/4″ Rieke Visegrip II Steel Plugs

5 Gallon Black Closed Head (Tight Head) Steel Drum with a Rieke Opening – Rieke Flexspout Sold Separately

Open Head Steel Pails – 3.5 Gallon through 6.5 Gallon – Covers Sold Separately

Steel Covers (Sold Separately)


55 Gallon Drums














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