Unlined Tin Cans

We stock a large selection of unlined tin cans.  They range in size from 5 quart (Imperial Gallon) to 1/4 Pint.  Unlined cans come in a variety of styles also.  Among the style choices are round paint cans, F style cans and slip cover tins.



Round Paint Cans
F Style Tins
Slip Cover Tins


Call us at 203-288-3851 to ask for a sample.  We would be happy to send a sample for testing with your product.






Round Paint Cans

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Imperial Gallon – 5 Quart

Gallon with Handle – 128 Ounce


Gallon – No Handle – 128 Ounce

Half Gallon – 64 Ounce

Quart – 32 Ounce

Pint – 16 Ounce

1/2 Pint – 8 Ounce

1/4 Pint – 4 Ounce


F Style Tin Cans


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1/2 Pint Utility Can

Pint F Can

Quart F Can

Half Gallon F Can

Gallon F Can – Non-UN

Gallon F Can- 1.75 Opening

Gallon F Can – 1.125 Beta Opening – UN Designation


Slip Cover Tins


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