Vapor Lock® Containers Manufactured by Berry Plastics for Storing and Shipping Grout

Vapor lock® containers are popular for storing and shipping grout.  These days grout comes in many colors and sometimes can be custom mixed to suit the customer’s needs.  Our vapor lock containers are popular for many industrial uses, among them:

    • paint
    • mastics
    • adhesives,
    • caulking compounds
    • pastes
    • grout

We carry vapor locks in sizes from 4 ounces to 135 ounces

These types of product have one thing in common – it is important that the lid be secured tightly to the container.  It is also important that the lid have the capability to be removed and resealed multiple times without ruining the seal. The containers themselves are rugged and stackable.  As long as the cover is carefully removed, it can be reused multiple times.

4 Oz – Lid Sold Separately

Looking for a small container for grout? Our 4 ounce vapor lock may fit your needs.

9 Oz – Lid Sold Separately

18 Oz  – Pint – Lid Sold Separately

37 Oz  – Quart – Lid Sold Separately

 135 Oz  – Gallon – Green Lid Sold Separately


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