Water Containers

The term water containers is a very general term.  In truth, any food grade or food safe container can be utilized as a water container.  In this article, we will focus on plastic water bottles or containers.  We have a large variety of products that are suitable for use as water storage containers or plastic water bottles.  With sizes as small as 1 gallon or as large as 55 gallons, we are confident that we have a container that will meet your needs.

5 Gallon Round Plastic Drums

In blue or natural, these round plastic drums are a good choice for shipping and storage.  UN rated and constructed of  high density polyethylene, these containers also have a swing handle for ease when lifting and handling. Sold with the dust caps shown in the picture, you can purchase solid caps or screw caps separately.

Bottle/Jugs or Deltangulars

Bottle/Jugs, or deltangulars, are large plastic rectangular jugs, great for water storage.  We sell the bottle alone or the bottle in a box with a UN rating.  With gallon graduation marks it is easy to see your liquid level at a glance.  It has a screw cap on the back of the handle that can be punctured to allow for quicker dispensing if you choose to use it with a spigot or faucet which can be purchased separately.  It has a 70mm screw cap with a 3/4″ pipe thread meant to accept a faucet or spigot.

2.5 Gallon Water Bottles

Need something smaller.  Consider our 2.5 gallon natural high density polyethylene F style jugs with gallon and liter graduation marks.  You can purchase these bottles in a bulk pack of 24 or in a UN rated 2 pack/reshipper box.  Caps are sold separately.

5 Gallon Delex Containers

Need something heavy duty?  We stock a 5 gallon delex high density polyethylene container or jerrican in natural or blue.  This container is UN rated and blow molded with an integral handle.  It has a 2″ buttress plug closure with a 3/4″ national pipe standard NPS reducer.  The rectangular shape and the fact that these jerricans are stackable can help with maximizing  storage space in your warehouse.

15 Gallon, 30 Gallon and 55 Gallon Plastic Closed Top Drums

For larger storage containers, consider our 15 gallon natural, 30 gallon blue or natural  and 55 gallon blue or natural plastic closed head or tight head high density polyethylene drums.


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