What 4G Packaging Do You Sell?

Among our selection of 4G packaging, we stock 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon and 20 liter cubitainers.  We also carry a 4 pack round gallon jug in a reshipper box, a 2.5 gallon f style jug in a 2 pack reshipper box and a 5 gallon water bottle in a box.  You can click on the individual items for pricing and UN ratings.


1 Gallon Round Jug – 4 Pack Reshipper

2.5 Gallon F Style Jug – 2 Pack Reshipper

5 Gallon Bottle in a Box

 UN 4G Rated Kits

We also sell two UN4G rated kits.  Both kits contain the same 4 Liter center fill plastic gallon jug, however, one kit contains only 1 jug, while the other kit contains 4 jugs.

4 x 1 Liter Kit – ENT-Kit#4LPB – UN Rating UN4G/Y6.5/S

This kit consists of 1 jug, 1 black cap, 1 box and 1 insert.

 ENT-KIT#4X1U – UN Rating UN4G/Y26.6/S

This kit consists of 1 box, 1 insert, 1 honeycell brace, 4 jugs and 4 black caps.


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