What is a cubitainer?


A cubitainer is a bladder inside a box  also referred to as a bag in a box.  It is a collapsible bag with a cap inside a box with a 4G rating also called combination packaging.

Cubitainers are supplied with the 38mm caps on and dust covers. Note that the 38mm spigot caps shown elsewhere are optional and supplied seperately.

The external box for the 20L / 5 gallon cubitainer is a strong 275 lb. double wall corrugated box.  The internal bladder is vacuum  formed LDPE.

We stock the setup variety; however, cubes can be supplied knocked down (minimums may apply). This conserves storage space as the boxes lay flat and the flattened internal bladders take up much less space.


We carry 1, 2.5 and 5 gallon Cubitainers

Our stock cubitainers all take the same size dust covers, caps or spigots. Caps and Dust Covers are sold with the cubitainers. 38mm spigot style dispensing caps are sold seperately.


Optional 38mm Spigot



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