Wide Mouth Glass Packer Bottles

The amber bottles featured in this article are commonly referred to as wide mouth packers.  Other common names for these bottles are pill bottles, vitamin bottles, cc bottles (cubic centimeters) and prescription bottles.  These bottles have been used for many years in the pharmaceutical industry.  Their wide openings make them easy to fill and empty.  The amber glass helps to block harmful UV rays that can degrade your product.  Common uses for this type of bottle are for pills, vitamins, essential oils, medicinal herbs and more.  We stock these jars in sizes as small as 10cc (approximately 0.33814 ounces) up to 950 cc (approximately 32.1233 ounces).  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please call us for samples for testing with your product.


Wide Mouth Glass Packers


CC to Ounces Conversions

  • 10cc       0.33814
  • 15cc       0.50721
  • 30cc       1.01442
  • 60cc       2.02884
  • 120cc     4.05768
  • 250cc     8.45351
  • 950cc     32.1233



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