Blue and Natural Round Plastic Drums

We stock round drums in both blue (NAMPAC-B201123) and natural (NAMPAC-B205290). These containers allow for secure, dependable shipping and storage of liquid products. Constructed of rigid, high molecular weight, high density polyethylene, they also have a swing handle for easy lifting and handling. They come with a dust cover as closures are sold separately. This allows you to choose whether you would like a screwcap or a flexspout closure for the blue drum.  The natural drum may use only Cap # RKC-SC76RTE. The UN rating on this container is UN1H1/Y1.8/100. Both color choices are FDA compliant.  They both have a 70mm opening.

5 Gallon Drum – Closures Sold Separately

Our 5 gallon drums differ slightly.  The natural drum has an 18mm vent cap included.

Closures for 5 Gallon Drums – We stock both a 70mm solid cap and a 70mm spouted cap





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Author: Gail

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