X Rated 6.5 Gallon Steel Pail

Looking for an X rated steel pail?  We stock a 6.5 gallon black open head steel pail, or drum, with a UN rating of UN1A2/X30/S.  This is a 0.5mm 24 gauge unlined steel pail with a rust inhibitor.  The only cover that may be used with this pail to keep the UN rating valid is the 24 gauge lug cover listed below. This pail is X rated, making it good for Packing Groups I, II and III. This pail is nestable, as it is a tapered pail with the top being larger than the bottom.

Dimensions are:

  • 11 15/16″  Outside Top Diameter
  • 10 7/8″      Outside Bottom Diameter
  • 17 19/32″  Outside Height With Cover


For more information of UN ratings click here.












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Author: Gail

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