Round and Rectangular Carboys and Jerricans

We stock both round and rectangular carboys, also called jerricans, for storing or transporting liquids.  All the carboys (jerricans) listed on this page have a UN designation, with the exception of Item # KLW-EC1970NTNA-B our 5 gallon carboy.  If you require a UN designation with this carboy, you must purchase Item #KLW-EC1970NTNA-1A which is our carboy in a box.  Packed in the box, it has a UN designation of UN4G/Y31.2/S.  If your product is non-hazardous, it may still be used in this packaging.  The UN rating applies only to hazardous product.  Many of our customers use these carboys for janitorial supplies and like products.

Round Carboys
Delex Carboys
Bottle/Jug Carboys

Our round carboys do not come with caps.  70mm caps are sold separately.  We stock an FS70 cap and  an FS60 spouted cap.  The 3/4″ center reducer in the FS70 cap can be taken out and our 3/4″ Flo Rite faucet can be threaded into the cap if needed.

Our Delex carboys come with a 2″ buttress plug.  The 3/4″ center reducer in the 2″ buttress plug can be taken out and our 3/4″ Flo Rite faucet can be threaded into the cap.  Listed below the Delex carboys is our RKCW168 wrench to open and close the buttress plug.

Our bottle/jug carboys also come with an FS70 cap.  This cap also has a 3/4″ center reducer that can be taken out so that our 3/4″ Flo Rite faucet can be threaded into the cap.  There is a picture below of the faucet on the bottle/jug.

Round and Rectangular Carboys with 70mm Opening (No Cap) and Vent Caps (Included)

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Round Carboy with 70mm Opening (No Vent Cap)

Cap and Faucets to fit Carboys with 70mm Opening



Rectangular Delex Carboys with 2″ Buttress Plug (Included)

Wrench to fit 2″ Buttress Plug in Delex Containers

More information on our Delex carboys can be found in this article.


5 Gallon Bottle/Jug Carboy – 70mm Cap and 18mm Vent Cap Included






















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