4G Packaging in Reshipper Box

This item no longer available.  Please see Item # JAC-40NP-8002 or JAC-40NP-8003.


We stock a gallon round natural high density polyethylene jug with a 38mm TI (tamper indicating) opening.  This jug comes in a 4 pack reshipper box and has a UN rating of UN4G/Y24/S.  This 4G package must be used with a 38TI Kerr Cap which is white with an F217 liner.  This 38 TI Kerr cap, when used with our item # HED-HPA4741 jug and packed in the reshipper box, is what comprises the 4G package.  The box is 275 DW which means the bursting test measure is 275 lbs and it is a double wall box.  The cap is considered tamper indicating because it has a ring around the bottom.  Once the cap is tightened on the jug, the cap cannot be removed without leaving the ring behind thus letting you know that it has been opened.  Instructions are included on our picking ticket (packing list) on how to torque the cap and secure the box to be compliant with the un rating.






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Author: Gail

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