5 Gallon Blue Closed Head Steel Pails/Drums

We stock four tight head steel pails with a blue exterior.  Two of our pails have a Rieke opening and must use a Rieke flexspout (sold separately).  If you are not familiar with Rieke spouts, please read this article which has additional information. Additional information on our Rieke flexspout crimping tool can be found in this article.  One pail has a clear/gold phenolic lining and the other pail has a buff epoxy phenolic lining.

The other two steel pails/drums we stock have plugs.  They each have one 3/4″ and one 2″ plug.  One pail/drum is unlined while the other pail has a red phenolic lining.  Descriptions can be found by viewing the description under each individual drum.

5 Gallon Blue Steel Pails with Rieke Opening

5 Gallon Blue Steel Pails with Plugs







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Author: Gail

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