What is a Rieke opening or Rieke Flexspout ®?

1.5 gallon steel tight head pail with flexspout

As you are looking at the description of the opening on several of our steel pails, you will see tight head rieke opening.  If you are not familiar with steel pails you may wonder what that means.  These are tight head pails where the cover does not come off.  What they have is a hole, or opening, covered by a dust cap.  These pails are shipped empty with the dust cap on so that they remain clean.  The end user fills the pail with their product and then must crimp on a Rieke Flexspout®.  A Rieke Flexspout® is a retractable plastic pour spout which offers a reliable seal and is tamper evident.  We sell a Rieke Flexspout® crimper to attach these spouts to the pails.  When the spout is closed, it has a low profile for ease of stacking.  The tamper-evident cap has a pull tab for fast removal.  Once the flexspout is crimped on, and before the first use, the tamper-evident cap is pulled off the spout and cannot be reattached.   To use the pail, simply pull up the spout, dispense your product, and reclose.  The spout affixes to a 2 3/8″ (63mm) opening.




Lined and Unlined Steel Pails


We offer a large assortment of UN rated pails in sizes from 1.5 through 7 gallon in both lined and unlined styles.



Steel Pails With Plastic Insert


We also stock a steel pail with a Rieke opening and a polyethylene insert.   Rated UN6HA1/Y1.8/100 this pail is suitable for both Packing Groups II and III.









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