55 Gallon Drum Dimensions

Occasionally we get questions as to our 55 gallon drum dimensions.  The dimensions vary from drum to drum.  In the description of each drum we try to include this information so that by clicking on the product page you will be able to see pricing, dimensions, material type, whether the drum is open top or closed top and whether the drum is lined or unlined (steel).  This page will give a quick overview of 5 of our most popular drums.  The three material types will be steel, plastic and fibre.

You can find a complete list of our steel drums on this page.

Our plastic drums can be found on this page.

Our fibre drum list can be found here.




55 Gallon Plastic Open Top Drum

Outside Diameter 22.7″

Outside Height 35.375″

55 Gallon Plastic Closed Top Drum

Outside Diameter 23.2″

Outside Height 34.8″

55 Gallon Fibre Drum

Outside Diameter 22.5″

Outside Height 35 1/4″

Inside Diameter 21 1/2″

Inside Height 34 1/2″

SFD023787 details can be found here.

55 Gallon Open Top Steel Drum

Outside Diameter 24″

Outside Height 34 3/4″

You can find details on our dual UN rated drum in this article.

55 Gallon Closed Top Steel Drum

Outside Diameter 23 1/8″

Outside Height 34 1/2″







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