55 Gallon Fiber Drum

Are you looking to purchase a fiber drum (sometimes referred to as a fibre drum) in a 55 gallon size?  We stock a 55 gallon Lok-Rim type in that size.  The cover is held on by a lever locking ring.  This is our item # SFD023787.  The cover is made of steel.  This fiber drum has a UN rating of UN1G/Y200/S.  This becomes an important factor when shipping hazardous material.

Dimensions are as follows:

Exterior in Inches

W:  22.5

H:  35 1/4

Interior in Inches

L:  21 1/2 inch inside diameter

H:  34 1/2 inch inside height


For more information on our products available in a 55 gallon size please click the link below:

55 Gallon Drums in Plastic, Steel or Fiber








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Author: Carol

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