55 Gallon Poly Drums

We stock several 55 gallon poly drums choices.  We have an open head blue poly drum with a natural colored cover and a lever locking ring.  We also have both blue and natural tight head (closed head) poly drums.  We have a black “electronics clean” poly drum and a steel composite drum with an inner polyethylene container.  Under the individual drums listed below, you will find a link to articles giving more detail.

55 Gallon Open Head Blue Poly Barrel with Natural Colored Cover and Lever Locking Ring

More information on this drum can be found here.


55 Gallon Blue Poly Tight Head Drum

More information on both the blue and the natural poly tight head drums can be found here.

55 Gallon Natural Poly Tight Head Barrel

Our 55 gallon poly tight head drum has 5 gallon graduation marks.

55 Gallon Black Poly Tight Head “Electronics Clean” Drum

Would you like more details on our electronics clean drum?  They can be found here.

55 Gallon Steel Composite Drum with Blow Molded Poly Container

For additional details on our composite drum, please click here.








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