Bottles and Jars Manufactured by CKS Packaging

Yankee Containers stock several bottles and jars manufactured by CKS Packaging.  CKS Packaging has several facilities located across the United States.  They supply PET, HDPE and PP resins that are used in several markets such as:

  • household cleaners
  • personal care
  • pharmaceutical
  • toiletries
  • cosmetics

We stock 3 styles of bottles and jars from CKS Packaging.  They are as follows:

Yankee Containers does business primarily with the CKS Packaging location in Naugatuck, Connecticut.  CKS offers rapid delivery times and can usually handle a production run within 2-3 weeks.  The products listed below are manufactured by CKS Packaging and stocked by Yankee Containers.

3 Pint 110 400 White Wide Mouth Jar

For more detailed information on the 3 Pint jar manufactured by CKS Packaging, please click here.


32 Ounce 89 400 White Wide Mouth Jar

This article containers more information on wide mouth jars.

Modern Round and Boston Round Bottles

Plastic Cylinders

Here is some information on all the plastic cylinders we stock.

Caps and Closures

For a list of cap choices, please click here.

















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