Composite Packaging


Composite packaging as defined in the 49CRF 171.8 Definitions and Abbreviations is defined as follows” composite packaging means a packaging consisting of an outer packaging and an inner receptacle, so constructed that the inner receptacle and the outer packaging form an integral packaging.  Once assembled it remains thereafter an integrated single unit; it is filled, stored, shipped and emptied as such”.

The way that composite packaging differs from combination packaging is that it cannot be taken apart.  It must be used as assembled.  If it is taken apart, the integrity of the package would be destroyed.

We stock two composite packages.  One is a 5 gallon steel pail with a polyethylene liner and the other is a 55 gallon steel drum with a blow molded polyethylene container.

5 Gallon Steel Composite Pail with Rieke Spout (sold separately)

Please take a look at this very informative article on our composite pail.

55 Gallon Steel Composite Drum

You can find more information on our 55 gallon steel composite drum in this article.




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