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Are you looking for a food grade bucket?  The plastic buckets that Yankee Containers sells are manufactured by B’Way Corp.  All of these pails or buckets (with the exception of the black) are food grade.  If necessary, we can obtain a “Continuing Guaranty Under the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act” statement from B’Way.  Some of these pails are also UN rated which makes them suitable for many uses other than food products.  The following are some usage examples:

  • paints
  • inks
  • pool chemicals
  • lubricants
  • adhesives
  • coatings
  • roofing mastics
  • foods
  • edible oils
  • flavorings
  • sanitation supplies
  • ice melt compounds
  • pet food
  • bakery products
  • cookie dough

We have customers who use our 2 gallon pail for cookie dough.  Many of our customers use our 2.5 gallon easy open pails as “ice cream buckets”.  We stock the 2.5 gallon pails with and without handles.  Our 5 gallon twist and lock pails, with their plastic handles, are popular for pool chemicals as the plastic handles don’t pit from the chlorine.  Our 4.25 gallon bucket is popular for potato chips and pretzels.  You can find information on the MIL thickness of our pails in this article.  One of the most basic differences between our easy open pails and our heavy duty pails is the type of lids used on each pail.  The easy open pails have a lid without a gasket, similar to a deli tub lid.  Our heavy duty plastic buckets have lids with gaskets that have to be pounded on and pried off.  This makes them more secure, especially for shipping.  Please note that lids are sold separately for all pail styles.

Easy Open Buckets

1 Gallon

2.5 Gallon Ice Cream Buckets

4.25 Gallon

Heavy Duty Buckets

1 Gallon

2 Gallon

3.5 Gallon – 6.5 Gallon

Solid Covers

Spouted Covers

UN Liquid Pail

This article contains information on our UN liquid pail.

Twist & Lock Pails

You can find more information on our twist & lock pails here.










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