Buckets, Boxes and Canisters for Ice Melt/De-icer

plastic bucket with green cover

Looking for containers to store and sell your ice melt?  Consider our 3.5 gallon/30 lb. heavy duty plastic pail or our 5 gallon/45 lb. heavy duty pail.  Ice melt may contain potassium chloride, sodium chloride (also known as rock salt), magnesium chloride, calcium chloride or some blend of those chemicals.  One important consideration when storing this type of product is that moisture and air can turn ice melt hard.  Our pail with it’s gasketed cover can help keep your product dry.  Other important features:

  • UN certified for solids but may also be used for non-hazardous product
  • 90 MIL High Density Polyethylene
  • Teartab gasketed lid to help keep air and moisture out

Plastic Pails
168 Oz Canister
Ice Melt Box

Looking for a Lower Cost Solution?

4.2 Gallon/40 lb. Ice Melt Box

Consider our 4.2 gallon/40 lb. spot labelled ice melt box with a bag liner.  Spot labels can cover up to 3 panels of an RSC (Regular Slotted Carton) to make your product stand out on the retail shelf.  We can have this box custom made for you and labels can be made with your custom artwork.

168 Ounce Handled Canister

Another option would be our 168 ounce handled canister.  This is a PVC canister meant to be used with dry products such as ice melt or deicer.  It has a wide 110mm opening (approximately 4.5″). For more information on this canister, please click here.

Plastic Pails and Lid Remover

Need a tool to help remove the lids – consider this tool – sold separately

3.5 Gallon Pails

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5 Gallon Pails

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Solid Covers for 3.5 Gallon through 6.5 Gallon Heavy Duty Pails

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