Looking for Carboys,Jerricans, Plastic Bottles or Deltangulars?

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Are you looking to purchase a carboy or a jerrican?  Not sure what those terms mean?  Well here is Wikipedia’s definition of a carboy.  Basically in typical terminology used today, a carboy or jerrican is a 5 gallon container, round or square, used for transporting liquids.  We have also heard them referred to as plastic bottles and deltangulars.  When they are UN rated, they can transport or store hazardous liquids, however they are also great for non-un applications such as janitorial and cleaning supplies.  However you refer to these containers, we will try to list them all in this article.  We also have some great pictures to help make your selection process easier.

5 Gallon Round Drum


5 Gallon Rectangular Drum

5 Gallon Delex

The 2″ buttress plug comes with our delex, however we sell a 3/4″ Florite faucet (optional) that can be attached.

You can find information on our Delex containers here.

4.6 Gallon Oil Bottle

There are 2 cap choices for this bottle (listed below) and also an optional 3/4″ spigot

More detailed information on our 4.6 gallon oil bottle can be found here.

5 Gallon Bottle/Jugs or Deltangulars

Our large 5 gallon Hedpak (plastic bottle) is sold as bottle only without a UN rating, or in a box with a UN rating of UN4G/Y31.2/S.  These bottles have gallon graduation marks.  Our hedpaks come with a 70mm cap, however, we sell an optional 3/4″ spigot.


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