Metal Cans and Metal Buckets

The metal cans product group includes two distinct classes of containers. The first is the steel container group which includes steel pails, metal buckets or similar items in sizes from 1 to 7 gallons. These are stocked in open and closed top varieties with a number of linings including phenolic, epoxy phenolic, polyethylene and rust inhibitive linings.

The other class is tinplate cans which includes paint cans, lined cans, slip cover can, ink cans, f cans, metal tins, tea tins and holiday slip cover cans.


Closed top Steel Pails, Metal Drums and Metal Buckets

This group includes steel containers in sizes ranging from one to 7 gallons. Linings vary from a rust inhibitive liner, phenolic, epoxy phenolic blends and of course clean unlined steel pails.

Open Top Steel Pails and Metal Buckets

Open top steel pails and buckets utilize a separate lug cover or dish cover. Dish covers are secured to the bucket with a leverlock or bolt ring.





F Style Tinplate Cans and Rectangular Metal Cans

F Style metal cans are rectangular cans. Paint thinner, mineral spirits and other solvents often come packed in F Style cans.




Unlined Paint Cans and Round Metal Cans

Our unlined paint cans and unlined round metal cans come in two varieties. This group uses a friction plug which seats into the the inside of the can. These are what most people think of as “paint cans”.

Size Comparison of Imperial Gallon vs Gallon Can

Size Comparison of Imperial Gallon vs Gallon Can




Lined Tinplate Cans

Our lined tinplate cans are stocked in a grey lining and a gold lining.


Slip Cover Cans, Tea Tins and Metal Can

Slip cover cans are a group of unlined cans that have covers which slip over the outside of the can unlike the friction plugs on paint cans that press into the inside of the can.  Tea cans and holiday cookie tins are a good examples of slip cover cans.


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